CHILD OF FIRE” is out now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

It is the dawn of a new era… Cars fly, Televisions are Telephone Screens and Remote Controls Rule the School. The farther we fly into the future, the further back I feel we must reach to connect with just what it is that we are made of. The elements that make us who we are and what allow for us to develop our SOUL POWER. It is in this hotbed of dawn-of-time dreamwalking, that conjurs up the lyrical and melodic content for my most recent EP – “CHILD OF FIRE”. Through the filter of future sounds I hope to capture some of the origins of inner thought – asking questions with this music – What if we were Wrong ? Are We Gonna last 4eva? and answer some of my own internal questions with a call to arms for the years to come – “Take your eyes off the man you’ll never know, Shake your life ‘fore the feeling leaves your hold, It’s your time, It’s your mind, lying naked waiting patiently no more, when you see it come…”Child Of Fire Album Cover

ELECTRA” is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.